Sunday, October 24, 2021
Coding Education STEM

Using Directions & Travel APIs with Excel, Python. 1/2

In this blog, I’ll share tips on how to consume RESTful APIs for maps. Specifically, getting a location point info, getting distance and travel times between two points, and even turn-by-turn driving directions. With the techniques, we can also get walking and transit mode of travel info. I’ll be leveraging Bing Maps APIs as they’re […]

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Analytics Education STEM

Putting together our Presidents (Infographic in Excel)

In several of my earlier blogs, I demonstrated working with raw data from multiple sources to generate visual and statistical analysis. You can find them in the following posts: Let’s Play With All The Presidents (Excel)-Part1 Let’s Play With All The Presidents (Excel)-Part2 Getting To Know Our Presidents In this blog, I share the combined […]

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