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Creating Quizes and Surveys in Microsoft Forms

With the latest release of Microsoft Forms, creating a quiz, survey, or essentially any type of form for free using either work or personal account has never been easier. There are different ways to share the survey too such as emailing; and it’ll even help you write the invite or via Teams to anyone or to specific people or specific teams in an organization.

After submissions bt participants, the form creator can easily see the details or summary in a variety of ways such as a slideshow, an Excel sheet, or just as a web page, which is private to the creator by default.

Below is a quick 10-question multiple-choice, single answer travel quiz I created using just that. It also shows the final score, which is completely configurable, after submission of the quiz by the participants.

Below is the quiz embedded right here on the page and anyone can take it—I made it accessible to anyone, and fully anonymous. Take it and have fun!

Clearly the example above was just scratching the surface. There’s so much more you can do with this technology! To learn more, head over to

As always, there’s always tons of interesting posts on my site from arts to technology at varying degrees of depth from beginner to advanced levels, so be sure to check my site every now and then.

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