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Did Seahawks Need an Overhaul for 2024 season?

Seattle Seahawks find themselves at a crossroads after the 2023 NFL season. The team faces critical decisions regarding their coaching staff and personnel. Changes came hard and fast to some fans’ surprise, and to some, expectedly if not a little later than expected. Whatever your position is there are arguments for both supporting an overhaul […]

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Animating Charts in Excel and beyond

Some time ago I demonstrated how to create Time-lapse animations in Excel in my post here. Part of that procedure utilized a short-lived but cool feature called ‘PowerView’. Unfortunately, as of late 2021, Microsoft has removed support for PowerView in Excel (that made this time-lapse animation possible) and instead is encouraging users to use PowerBI […]

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Decision Tree and Prediction (Python)

This is an example of a Decision Tree model (very useful and popular method) to make prediction using the power of Machine Learning…using just a normal PC. Here we predict salary (depedendent variable) by giving various types of criteria (different forks in a decision tree). e.g. What’s the salary of a particular gender, of some […]

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