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Me - Circa 2011

I am Tony. Nice to meet you! I’m a computer scientist, educated in Computer Science but enjoy tinkering with all sorts of coding languages and paradigms for education+fun not as a full-time job, and chose a professional life of a Program Manager/Business Analyst/Project Manager.

Always thinking out of the box, asking the “whys”, I have always been the leader, not a follower.  No one could honestly identify me by any association with regards to race, religion, affiliations and those easy-labels, because I lived in 5/7 continents, and lived like the locals, learned their customs and even languages.

I’m a life-long learner…when I feel too comfortable with something, I push myself to do even better, something more innovative, maybe find ways to contribute more. This is a catalyst for constant learning and exploration (always works best for knowledge and growth).

Born in the south-east Asia, I yearned to explore the world beyond since an early age. All my late teen years and adulthood were spent in various parts of Europe…by myself. I learned a lot through struggles and be able to sort things out by my own merits and mistakes as they may be.  In my early adulthood, I moved to USA and since then have lived in various states mainly driven by changing my interest in education from architecture to computer science. Although, at heart, I wanted to be an artist; but that’d be crazy talk! How would I support myself away from my family all by myself with very limited means?

At any rate, after crisscrossing the nation from one edge to another, I ended up settling in the beautiful pacific northwest in the latter part of 90’s; I’ve been here since. I raised my son since he was born in Seattle (we have since moved to the suburbs of Seattle). First and foremost, I’ve been a dedicated father; more dedicated to anyone or ~thing I can imagine!

Speaking of “other professions”, I’ve always been in the high-tech industry (software engineering) since graduating from Cal State. Educated as a computer scientist, I have coded millions of lines of code for Windows and Unix platforms, as well as cross-platform (web apps, widgets, apps for  mobile devices), but I never claim to be a programmer nor wanted to be one as a professional. Mainly because programming is fun! If I made a living as a coder, I’d be most likely coding other organizations’/peoples’ ideas, not mine 🙂  I’ve been coding my ideas since Freshman in college and been actually selling (+some free) my software inventions. I code to this day, not for profit or earnings, but to keep up with technologies hands-on, and nourish my insatiable hunger for knowledge and creativity…and fun.

So, as a profession I’m a Business Analyst, Program Manager, Project Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master. I’ve worked as an senior employee with a local Fortune 100 company based in Redmond for almost 20 years mostly in managing software projects and teams near and far. I continue to work for the company as a consultant to this day.

I tickle my creative faculty with hobbies (creating music e2e, painting, drawing, crafting, sculpting, sports, etc. etc.) while still being a learner for life by investing time/money to bolster my professional skills with some of the latest technologies (IoT, Cloud, Data Science, AI, and more).

Punctually, I’ll stop here so you can enjoy my blog posts and I can focus on creating some more blogs. Cheers 🙂

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