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Companion Code Handbook for Hello Arduino! Published

Greetings readers. I have just published (live on Feb 10th) the paperbook book: Companion Code Handbook: Hello Arduino! This companion book is a handy reference with complete source code with comments for all projects detailed in the book Hello Arduino! This is a printed version of all source code required for completing all projects (and […]

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An important personal milestone: Hello Arduino!

Today marks another special day in my humble life’s timeline. Today, my first ever book went live worldwide on (+ .uk, .de, .fr, .es, .it, .nl, .jp, .br, .ca, .mx, .au, .in as per different markets) in both eBook and paperback formats. The book titled “Hello Arduino!” is a fun book for anyone (12 […]

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Arduino: Photoresistor and Servo motor working together to indicate light

This fun project is to visually and mechanically indicate day/night or light/dimness around with the help of a photoresistor that reads the light values. And that’s connected to a motor (a servo) which has an arm/arrow connected to it and it moves to certain positions depending on the light sensed by the photoresistor. Lastly, the […]

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Arduino: Building a music tempo controller with simple components

In this project, I built a simple system where we can play a tune/music through a speaker (sound/tone is of our choice) and while it’s playing, we can control the tempo in real time. For the speaker, I used an inexpensive passive buzzer hooked up to a 10K resistance potentiometer. I insert a turning knob […]

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