Art Break

My Radio Station: FlyingSalmon Radio

Hi folks, I’m experimenting with setting up my own internet broadcast radio. I’ll be adding more content over time, but for now there are several categories you can enjoy. They are: You can point your browser or any media player that supports opening an internet playlist to: Also, there are downloadable apps for Android […]

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Art Break STEM

An experimental music production: Arrival

It’s been years since I played instruments, recorded, and wrote lyrics. Most of the gadgets and music instruments have been mostly gathering dust. This is mainly due to work and other responsibilities of life that sucks away the artistic motivation. Same situation with my sketches and paintings. I will however come back to them, it’s […]

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Guitar practice: Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game – guitar intro

Howdy, here’s my guitar rendition of Wicked Game game Intro (raw!). This is one of the most beautiful, simple and fluid songs ever made, with really nothing complex on the guitar. Beauty is in its simplicity. It appears that the lead, and chords are all within Bm, A, and Emaj. Anyway, I’m playing it with […]

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