Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Art Break

My Radio Station: FlyingSalmon Radio

Hi folks, I’m experimenting with setting up my own internet broadcast radio. I’ll be adding more content over time, but for now there are several categories you can enjoy. They are:

  • Classical music — some of the best compositions of all time.
  • Opera — some of the most amazing singers.
  • World music — celebrating and discovering the diversity of music from all over the world.
  • Stories — some fascinating audio books in full. They’re broken into digestable chapter audio clips.

You can point your browser or any media player that supports opening an internet playlist to:

Also, there are downloadable apps for Android and Apple phones from that link if you prefer (although it’ll also work on your smartphone browser) as well as a widget.

The widget can be embedded as shown below…meaning you can just play it on this page (or anywhere widget is embedded as well). I hope you’ll give it a try so I can continue to invest some time on this side-hobby. Thank you!

A Zeno.FM Station

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