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Tracking Actual vs. My Predictions 4/29/20

Back in March 2020, I did some predictive modeling using simple math and Excel where I presented 3 scenarios: Likely, Best-case, Worst-case. You can read the original blog here: What-If Models (COVID-19): Results Let’s take a look at today’s latest data from WHO and compare my Model 1: Likely Scenario numbers. We’ll compare the USA […]

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How close were my initial models?

How close were my initial models? Let’s compare with today’s data. Take a look back on my educated-guess-but-not-official models that I created back in March 22, 2020: What-If Models (COVID-19): Results Today’s numbers for USA from WHO are (on 4/1/2020): # of confirmed cases (infected): 163,199 and confirmed deaths: 2,850 My four models were agnostic […]

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