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Music Mixing with Python

Recently, I accidently encountered a new online service called EarSketch for music creation and mixing using Python. I had to of course check it out in more detail and was very impressed with the simplicity and effort put into the overall UI, API, and technical documentation. They are definitely worth checking out! Kudos to EarSketch team for this great showcase and an exciting educational platform!

Here’s my first experiment with creating a new mix using only 3 sound slices: Guitar, HipHop beat, and a percussion.

The interface is easy to get started and the video tutorials are really helpful (short and to the point). It runs on the browser with an integrated script editor, a DAW, sound browser for mixing, and ability to import/export code as well as the output of your code…which is hopefully a music file 🙂

With just a few basic lines of code, we can create a simple mix. The code for the above mix is below:

After the script is executed, the DAW UI is updated that lets you play the audio, visualize the tracks in code, and do basic navigation as shown below.

This is obviously just scratching the surface, and in this case the limit is your creativity, really. Enjoy!

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