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An experimental music production: Arrival

It’s been years since I played instruments, recorded, and wrote lyrics. Most of the gadgets and music instruments have been mostly gathering dust. This is mainly due to work and other responsibilities of life that sucks away the artistic motivation. Same situation with my sketches and paintings. I will however come back to them, it’s just a matter of time and motivation intersection. At any rate, I took a few minutes to play with some Dawless music productions and here’s a little sample of one of the tracks I created recently. It’s meant to be a little dance, soft electronica/trance type. It reminds me of some civilization arriving in a new land and establishing themselves…or perhaps a new species.

> just audio ♩ <

About this track: This is exported at lower res at 192Kbps. Still, you should be able to hear the panning of L<-R speakers for certain instruments and other fx like reverb. Total channels: 8. Key instruments: keyboard, piano, bass, percussion. BPM: 124-125 variable.

> ♬ track with visualization ♬ <

Of course, if you never have, I encourage you to explore my experimental guitar/songs/keyboard compositions at and my and my artwork at

I’m not selling anything, these are purely hobbies (although I do occasionally gift some of my creations (esp. artwork) to friends and family.

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