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Some of my music mixes

Here are some quick experimental music compositions created with digital DAW and virtual instruments for fun and relaxation. These are specifically made short to go along with imaginary movie, flix or event scenes…use your imagination 🙂

These are hosted in BandLab for now (some were previously posted in Soundation which is also a great site for creating music online), which is a neat reasonably new site and platform for creating, collab-ing, and sharing music. What I like about Bandlab are its ability to download all channels of my compositions separately as STEMS, its Mastering, Embed links and collab features among others.

By the way, if you want my instruments and vocal and lyrics, please check out my original band’s PsychicMonkey site…which I haven’t admittedly updated in a long while due to time constraints.

For other music-related posts in this blog, click here (shows pages with the word “music”). You can also get the posts tagged with “music” by clicking here.

Anyway, here are some tracks…quick and easy streaming right from here (no download needed).

TitleEmbedded TrackExternal link
compo-2-28-23-ii BandLab

Spring to winter

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