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Guitar practice: Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game – guitar intro

Howdy, here’s my guitar rendition of Wicked Game game Intro (raw!).

This is one of the most beautiful, simple and fluid songs ever made, with really nothing complex on the guitar. Beauty is in its simplicity. It appears that the lead, and chords are all within Bm, A, and Emaj.

Anyway, I’m playing it with ear, so no tabs for this, although I could write it up if someone really wants it, but I think there are enough lessons out there in YouTube. Anyway, enjoy my raw video. Guitar used is a strat, and my small Fender amp through a very old Korg pedal. I don’t have a tremolo on this guitar, so the fx isn’t accurate but I try to simulate the note by sustaining it longer. Cheers.


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