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Companion Code Handbook for Hello Arduino! Published

Greetings readers. I have just published (live on Feb 10th) the paperbook book: Companion Code Handbook: Hello Arduino!

This companion book is a handy reference with complete source code with comments for all projects detailed in the book Hello Arduino! This is a printed version of all source code required for completing all projects (and more depending on your imagination) covered in the complete book Hello Arduino!

It is to be used in conjunction with the primary book Hello Arduino! (link to that book below and also in this handbook). Every project in that book walks you through every step and each core part of the code is explained. Just look up the Sketch (Sketch is Arduino speak for code) named in the book and find the complete source code in this handbook.

This set of source codes is also available for download digitally for free for owners of the complete book (paperback or eBook version). Instructions on how to download are detailed in the primary Hello Arduino! book.

Companion Code Handbook cover

Pages: 180
Dimension: 8.5 x 11.25 inches
ISBN: 979-8376974940

You can purchase the handbook from (worldwide) here. And you can get the primary book (the complete guide) to get started on electronic projects and microcontroller programming with step-by-step instructions, hardware and software requirements, purchase, setup, diagrams, videos and more in the Hello Arduino! book also purchasable from (worldwide)…that book is available in both paperback and eBook/Kindle.

Hope you’ll give the books a try and expand your interests and creativity!

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