Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Republican Candidates’ Primaries Spend 2024

The campaign trails are blazing for the upcoming elections and the Republican party still needs to narrow their final nominee down to one in the coming months. Niki Haley and Donald Trump are the only two remaining runners (written: Jan 25, 2024). Below are some charts I created to show how much they’ve spent on their campaigns in the 3 state primaries.

The charts above clearly shows the concerns Ms Haley had on Iowa and New Hampshire (despite having spent twice as much as Mr Trump on each of them, she lost); and it also shows the confidence of Ms Haley has in her home state of South Carolina and Mr Trump recognizing that, so far has spent more than 3X as her in that state! Will he win there too or will Niki taste her first victory?

Data Sources

I plan to update the charts if they continue to battle it out in more states!

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