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Word definitions, synonyms, antonyms via RAPIDAPI

This program gets all definitions of a user-entered word from WORDS API service called RAPIDAPI.

Once connected, the response is in JSON and we display the meanings neatly on screen as well as optionally write (append) the word and its meanings(s) and part-of-speech to a csv file.

Demonstrates: 1) how to get word definition using API, 2) connect to a remove service, 3) process and parse JSON response, 4) creating and appending/writing to a CSV file.

The program will ask for a RAPIDAPI key, you can get your API key from:

The service can also provide synonyms and antonyms of a word.

Then the program optionally builds a custom dictionary over time by writing a cleaned version of the JSON response to a CSV file.

We only need json and requests libraries for the core task. To write to a dictionary file, we will need csv and optionally os.

The full source code is shared in my Replit repo below, and you can also run the code from the control below without leaving this page.

And here’s a sample output:

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