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Twisted Magic Tales with Emojis – Fun, Free, Wonky!

I’ve written a story generator application that spews out stories differently every time it’s executed! I did this thinking of kids and family activities, while having nerdy fun on my end. This story generator creates a semi-random* story based on a skeleton storyline and changes the characters, objects, mood, locations, accessories and placeholders/keywords in the […]

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Coding Education STEM

Dynamic Listbox GUI demo using tkinter (Python)

I have been tinkering with the GUI library for Python called tkinter. There are some interesting features in it although I’m not thoroughly impressed by the API designs. It feels to me a little clunky and at times, work-in-progress or subject -to-change type of work. Nevertheless, I’m always curious and I had to explore. Specifically, […]

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Coding STEM

Parsing date-time string and formatting according to AM/PM (Excel)

Here’s a relatively quick way to parse a date-time string or any string (regardless of data type in your source)  containing date and/or time. It doesn’t matter if the time format is in 12 or 24 hour format, this method works. The time portion of the data can be in HH:MM:SS or HH:MM or similar […]

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Education Life

A quick holidays & events calendar (Excel)

A no-frills demonstration (with actual, real data) of building and publishing a calendar of holidays/events in the United States. Covers 2020 through 2023 and includes major religious, political, and federal events and holidays as a quick reference. Below is the dynamic, real-time version: For interactive tables, visualizations, tips, demos and more, please explore this blog: […]

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