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Twisted Magic Tales with Emojis – Fun, Free, Wonky!

I’ve written a story generator application that spews out stories differently every time it’s executed! I did this thinking of kids and family activities, while having nerdy fun on my end.

This story generator creates a semi-random* story based on a skeleton storyline and changes the characters, objects, mood, locations, accessories and placeholders/keywords in the story each time it is executed…creating a story that’s always fresh, different, and funny! And it does so while retaining the core story framework, keeping it contextual.

Download the stories – FREE

You can download my series of stories (7 different stories at the time of writing) as a single PDF file using the link below. There’s no ad or any obligation.

Download the free PDF stories from this first series here.

Once you download the PDF or open in browser (it’s a safe, virus-free PDF), you can print these out (each story is in its own page), read them aloud! Color the emojis and symbols with your kids if you like too.

After you read the story, in your own print-outs, you/kids can choose to title the story and also write your own note about the moral of the story if you like. On purpose, I have left those blank for the reader to fill out, because it’s very revealing and fun to see how different readers will interpret the story and the moral differently.

Distribution – FREE – Usage – FREE

You’re free to share any and all stories with as many people as you like. It is all FREE. I hope you’ll have fun with these! If you like the same story re-generated or new stories, read below.

How are the stories chosen?

The stories are mostly twisted, hence the series title: Twisted Magic Tales with Emojis. I usually inspire myself from old classic fables, short-stories, and such and then modify them; and some I write completely out of my own imagination.

How do I get another variation of the stories? Or completely new stories?

If you like another randomly generated version of a particular story, just contact me and specify the story name (it’s noted at the top of the story as in: “Story″), and I’ll create a new version using my story generator! It’s guaranteed to be different and funny every time!

There’s no limit to how many times we can do this to a single story 🙂 Once it’s generated, there’s some font/UI/layout formatting that I have to manually do to make it clean and professional (and kid-friendly!), and then export to PDF and make them available on the server or directly emailed to you. For that, I only ask for the minimal cost of my time, $0.50 per story re-generation (for 1 page in the typical font size used in the PDF above).

If you like a specific tale/fable/story to be reconstructed by the generator, please contact me and I’ll do the required configuration, run it through the engine/”hopper” and you’ll get a new story in PDF. For a new story, it’s $2/page. Subsequent variation of the same story is: $0.50 per page per version.

New stories that I create on my own may or may not be all freely available and will appear subject to my time availability, but the ones that are requested above will be delivered within a very short time (you’ll get ETA as soon as you contact me with details for each request).

How to Contact Me 

Best way to contact me is to email me at

If you’re connected on Facebook or LinkedIn, you can reach out to me there too.

Technical Details

I will write some details on the inner-workings of the application in a future blog for the eggheads 🙂

*semi-randomly: The context of the story remains intact. The application knows the protagonist and other characters and will choose names and gender as specified in the configuration and will keep those consistent throughout the story, while being different in each version of the same story. The names are drawn from over 100 names for male and female each. It knows when to use use “he”, “she”, “his”, “her”, etc. based on the story configuration (these are set by me only at the time of story generation for the application; the readers don’t need to do anything with the application, you just get the final output). The emojis and symbols are drawn from a categorized pool of  official Unicode symbols (over 1,600 in my dataset). Each time the application re-generates a story, it randomly picks from a specific category and names as in the configuration while retaining the overall context of the story so as to keep it sensible each time but different… and funny everytime!


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