How to make a perfect birthday cake in Excel

I’ve been exploring whether it’s possible to create a birthday cake-style chart in Excel. After some adjustments, I’ve reached a point where I can confidently say it’s achievable! You may ask, why not simply download an image from the internet? Well, that’s less engaging, potentially unlawful, and above all, it lacks the customization and scalability of my design. I aimed for a design that allows for varying numbers of layers (be it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or more). I also wanted the ability to select the type of each layer, adjust the layer’s thickness, and personalize the recipient’s name, the number of years being celebrated, and any custom message—all this without any graphic design work, just by updating a table and the chart’s properties!

Here is one example of the output:

The data source behind it is a simple table with different layers. Their colors, and their thickness (Value column). The cells below determine the name of the recipient, the year we’re celebrating, and any other custom message we want to add to the chart.

Initially, construct the chart as a stacked column. Subsequent customization can include 3D effects, font styles, colors, and more. Finally, enhance the chart by overlaying an image. Employ your creativity to explore Excel’s extensive features for chart element customization, allowing for limitless scalability.

If you want to add additional layers, no problem! Just another row of data and its value. Add the color for your reference to customize the chart segment. Do you want different layers to be of different thickness? No problem! Just change the Value column. VOILA!

I hope you found it fun and informative. Happy charting! Be sure to check out the other interesting chart creation posts below,

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