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Interactive Reports – State Facts

Here’s an interactive data visualization of some key stats about each state (and DC) such as: state capital, size in square miles, largest city (by population), state population, year of statehood, population density (taking into account land size), population change in percentage over the years, highest peak in state and median household income. Population change data was up-to-date up to year 2020.

To see the information or statistics, just hover your mouse over a state (marked by a colored circle) and a pop-up window will appear. There are 6 pages or views in this report, each one with its own statistics and visualization. To navigate through the pages, click on the “<” (for previous page) and “>” (for next page) icons that appear at the bottom of the report.

This is based on official data file (CSV format), then cleaned up and reshaped, then data modeling and visuzliations are done in PowerBI.

Click on the icon at the bottom-right of the chart to see the visualization in full-screen. To return to previous screen size, press Esc key on the keyboard. Use the mouse wheel (when on the visualization) to zoom in/out. You can also home in on a specific state but selecting the state from the drop-down list on the first page, or on any data point or bar on any page. Check it out below for a fully interactive experience.Enjoy!

State Facts (USA):

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