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COVID-19 Update 3-19-20


Sharing some analytics and summary of the spread of the nasty virus. This includes the latest data (as of 3/18/20) published by WHO. I’ll add more summary and other statistics on my blog and will share those info as I get to them.

Here’s a quick summary as of 3/19/2020 using all data in my hand from WHO.


Summary: “Dirty Dozen” countries*

*While many countries are affected by the virus, I believe these 12 countries are a key indicator of the spread and overall potential impact world-wide. For world-wide view including many other countries, please view my other animated graphics.


Number of new cases:
Highest # of new cases: Italy. Germany. Lowest: China

Fatality Rate:
Highest fatality rate: Italy. Iran. Lowest: Germany, Austria.

Growth Rate (spread):
Highest growth rate of new cases: Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, USA. But almost all across western countries are up. Only China, South Korea, and Iran shows declines. Italy, Spain although flat are very high!

Percent of population infected:
Italy, Switzerland at about 0.07% and 0.05% respectively. For comparison, 0.005% of the USA population are infected. However, because of China’s huge population (1.38+B) their infected percentage appears relatively small.


The following animated graphic shows a 3D globe view of the spread. The data used was up to 3-18-2020 as published by WHO.

Stay in. Stay well. Stay informed.



Disclaimer: This is a personal blog site and is not affiliated with any of the government, NGO, or othe resources mentioned. This is not an entity at any advisory capacity and should be use informative purposes only—consult health and government officials for advise and official data.

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