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Visualization of COVID-19 spread (FYI only)

I’ve pulled in some data to understand the speed of spread and immensity of the “corona” virus. The data is based solely on daily situation report data from WHO’s site starting from January 20, 2020 to the time of this writing (March 18, 2020).

NOTE: These are totals reported on that day (NOT new cases/day) and not number of deaths. Data is country-wise (not specific city/locale).

The following animation shows the case occurrences by country/territory by date. The date is shown in the upper-left corner of the video. The height of the bars indicate the volume of cases. Best viewed in full-screen, high-definition.

Disclaimer: This is just a snapshot and is NOT real-time update! For that, consult the WHO site and your CDC site.

This information is not intended for replacement of WHO, CDC and other authorities. It just demonstrates visualization of data from technical perspective.

Be responsible. Live and let live. Cheers!


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