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COVID-19 Update 3-20-2020

3/20/2020 Update

This includes the latest data (as of 3/19/20) published by WHO. I’ll add more summary and other statistics on my blog and will share those info if I get the time (no promises). To see my earlier blogs/stats on this COVID virus, click here.

This is NOT looking good for USA! The # of new cases doubled overnight! Most young people are in defiance and NOT practicing any respectful, social distancing, as a result the number of young patients in hospitals continue to rise rapidly while the most vulnerable patients (60+) are more likely to die. Unless Americans’ behaviors change, I see federal mandate to self-quarantine highly likely across USA.


All-up View



The ‘Dirty Dozen’ Stats*

NOTE: The summary table now only shows “confirmed” data thus lowering the figures in most cases since last summary.

*While many countries are affected by the virus, I believe these 12 countries are a key indicator of the spread and overall potential impact world-wide.

Previous Graphics, Charts On Virus Spread

Stay in. Stay well. Stay informed.



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