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UPDATED: Find out more about your birthday

Sometime ago, I shared my code on how to determined the day of the week of someone’s birthday based on the DOB. You can check the original post here:
Today, however, I am extending it a little further and also showing additional information about the birthday. For example:
The key news/historical events of that day!
What generation name is the person?
What star sign and chinese horoscope does the person belong to?
Which songs were in the Music Charts that day?
Key events that happend in that year!

Additionally, you can run the program now right from this page without having to download anything 🙂

Fascinating stuff…the code is all mine but the historical contents are coming from a a website as you’ll see.

NOTE: On a standalone device, this app automatically opens your browser and takes you to the website, but in this emulation it is not allowed (by So, you can copy the web address shown above enter it in your browser.

Click Run to run it. Have fun!

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