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Hello again, today I will touch upon 2 games I created using an easy to use development platform called Construct. These were done using version 2 (today, they are in ver 3).  They were just for my personal learning and fun. It’s mobile and all-platform friendly and there’s nothing to install. Just open the browser and go to my server to play (free, no ads, no upsell, just my personal server). The links to the 2 games are below.

Ants Vs. Beetles: play it here: https://flyingsalmon.net/games/AB/

Your defense is the beetlles…you start with 6.. Place along/on top of the walls in the maze strategically.
For every ant that makes it home, you lose a life (a beetle) and points. If you survived for some time, you get 2 more beetles—their placement is also important. The beetles automatically will shoot the nearest ant(s). You can recover the lost beetles by clicking on/along the walls/dividers. However, the speed and volume of ants incrementally increase making it harder to kill them all even with max of 8 beetles.

Here’s an in-game video of me playing to demonstrate:


Monsters & Cannons: play it here: https://flyingsalmon.net/games/mc/

The idea here is to ‘kill’ the monsters (left-click to shoot). Your defense is the cannon (unlimited ammo). The 2 types of monsters behave differently. See in-game help for details. If any monster happens to go through your cannon, game is over! You can play again and again and up your scores 😉

Here’s an in-game video of me playing:

Hope you enjoy them. Beyond just playing though, it’s a good example for new learners and programmers for educational purposes. Contact me for source code and details if interested via Contact link. Cheers!

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