Last of the Mohicans: my guitar hack

I love this movie…can’t get through it without EVER shedding tears, no matter how many times I’ve watched. The breath-taking cinematography, the mind-blowing casting, and amazing acting…and the thematic music backed with a strong story-line. What else do you need  in a movie, right? Anyway, I’ve been listening to the theme music over and over again and thought “damn, it’s good, wish I could play it myself!”— but I don’t play violin, nor do I have one. Nor do I have whiz-bang equipment to simulate one. Nor do I know anything about Celtic music. So, I went to YouTube (thank God for youtube, really) but all the renditions were superficial or unnecessarily complicated fingering—so I made my own rendition, completely playing “by the ear” on a plain old guitar. (For no apparent reason, I added a spacey tone in my amp.)

Here it is…


I’ll get better with the finger motions with more practice than 30 mins 🙂 and of course I know where I messed up a bit. I need more guitar practice in general. Imagine now though with the background orchestra and it’s totally worth something yet! I’ll jot down the tab on this and will be happy to share freely. Cheers.

P.S. Apology for a poor quality webcam recording. It reminds me, I need to replace my 10-year-old webcam 😀


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