Ventured into new arts wizardy today

Today was my first “encaustic” art workshop! Here’s my output from 2.5 hrs of tinkering with ideas and materials.

It’s like sending me out to a hardware/hobby store with nuts, bolts, tools, and motors…you know I’ll build some working contraption when I’m done! This is analogous to that, except in the softer arts sense. No busted knuckles per se, but certainly equally challenging and fun (especially in the creative realm).

More pictures of the shop and my output below. This form of arts is called Encaustic (derived from old Greek to “burn in”).  You can learn more about this alchemy @ Encaustic.com

My workstation
Our instructor Deborah Kapoor


My creation – front view
my creation – right view

My creation-View from left-side


Media: paper, silk, leather, dried plant materials, wood, wire mesh, oil-based crayons, wooden board.

Tools: Blow torch (or a high-performance heat gun will do just fine; blow dryers won’t!), griddle, heat-resistant brushes, resin-treated wax crystals and blocks.

I really enjoyed the process and hope to create new ones in the future. Let’s put it down in the ledger of ‘my first 3D Encaustic artwork’.


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