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Applying deep neural to my paintings

After animating some of my late family members from afar and yonder using AI (trademarked Deep Nostalgia by MyHeritage), I wondered if it can also bring my artificial people I painted (not from portraits, mind you…just my own imaginations of faces) on canvas with pen and acrylics.

The results were outstanding, I think. Below are a sample of my cropped scanned images from my original paintings, and how AI brought them to 3D life with expressions!

cropped scanned image of my painting

And here she is coming alive…

AI Animation of ‘her’.

Another version (with blinks)

cropped scanned image of my painting
AI Animation of ‘her’.
cropped scanned image of my painting
AI Animation of ‘her’.
Another painting to animation

Pretty amazing, aren’t they? The paintings were proportionately human enough for AI to recognize them as a human face and therefore applied the same algorithm as it would on a human portrait and voila!

For comparison, I tried uploading a painting of Mona Lisa and it didn’t detect the face from the following scanned image…

So, I cropped just the face part and tried again, no luck still. Then I removed the background trees/hills behind and converted just to B&W and tried again with the following image…

Unfortunately, it was not able to detect a face either. I have to wonder if they purposefully prevented famous paintings from being animated for pure monetary purposes.

If you’re interested in taking a look at some of my paintings/artwork, you can explore

Enjoy! Keep creating!

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