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A very effective, new AI-driven Video Creator

I am constantly scanning the AI space for new developments and newcomers in the arena. One of the most practical and stable tool I recently discovered is Pictory.

It does video creation with a simple text script input, it generates videos even from a URL from any source (like a blog or article online) and turn that text into a video with images and audio…the AI automatically picks royalty-free images/media. Editing an existing video also is super-simple with Pictory.

It has cut the amount of time it takes me to edit my videos dramatically. It used to take a good amount of my time to edit my Zoom recordings, webinars and video podcast, now it takes just seconds to minutes. It’s like editing a text document.

Also, I can use Pictory for creating short highlight videos from my long form content in just minutes which I can then share on socials. It automatically transcribes my videos into text in just minutes (for a fraction of the price it would cost me to outsource)! Click the banner below to try it out:


Also, if you want 20% off any plan for life, at checkout enter this coupon code: ren09

Below are some direct links to some of the features I mentioned above:

Blog to Video

Edit Videos Using Text

Create Shareable Video Highlight Reels

Automatically Transcribe Videos


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