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A Manifestation Formula

Will your dream come true? If so, how likely is it? What really is your desire composed of? And are there factors that affect that, if so, what are they; and which ones can we control?

Following the search for answers to these questions, my ultimate quest was: Can we manufacture a formulation for quantifying the probability of our dreams coming true?

Well, I came up with a simple formula for finding the likelihood of getting what we want. Mainly for entertainment but it seems to work in the real-world.

The formula is based on the principles that when align our 4 dimensions: mind, body, emotion, and energy to focus in the same direction, convering instead of diverging or conflicting, we can manifest our vision or desire. This also assumes that first we have to clarity on what we want, and then learn to align the dimensions (via meditation and other practices) to realize that desire.

My hypothesized formula is:
P = (m * b * n * e) ^ c
mind (m), body (b), emotion (n), energy or vibes or waves we emit (e)
clarity (c)…clarity on what we want/desire.

P is the result as a probability from 0 to 1 (or 0% to 100%). It says when all required dimensions are aligned, the probability of manifestation occuring is certain.

Rules of the formula:
Each variable (or dimension) is given a point in the range: 0 to 1 depending on the state (or health) of that dimension in increments of 0.25. Although any positive fractional value can be assigned, it’s more practical to stay with no more granularity than 0.25 increments.
Same with clarity (c): 0 to 1.
Factors number line: 0…0.25…0.50…0.75…1

The formula seems to check out in all situations, however, there are two tricky parts: 1) Applying the most honest/accurate values to the variables 2) To ensure a high probability in reality, each individual must do their own work to align the factors. While my formula is universal, the method to maximizing the alignment is up to each individual.

Therefore, I have provided the following guidelines that can make the values assignment more accurate and easier:

Dimensions evaluation and points estimation:
If mind is completely clear, heightened state: it’s m=1
If it’s a good state, m=0.5
If mind is in an ok state with some distraction but
If mind is in a less than a normal state but functioning adequately for most tasks, m=0.25
If it’s in a state of grave confusion or distraction m=0

Similarly, when body is in excellent condition and in a very restful state, b=1
Average functioning body, b=0.5
Poor body condition, b=0

Heightened emotional, n=1
Good emotional state, n=0.5 (no noticeable, particular emotions running through)
Poor emotional state, n=0

High and very positive vibes, e=1
Reasonable vibes (some positive, some negative, some neutral), e=0.5
Some positive, slightly more negative than positive, e=0.25
Negative vibes, e=0

When there’s complete clarity on what you want (vision), c=1
When there’s no vision, or much higher blurriness (murkiness, vagueness, opacity) than clarity, c=0
When there’s some clarity but about half not clear, c=0.5
When there’s some clarity in the vision but more than half are blurry, c=0.25

Understanding the result P:
The closer P value is to 1, the higher the likelihood. Possible P values will range from 0 to 1 (never negative, can be fractional).
A P value of 0.50 for example can be interpreted as 50% probability of manifestation.

Example applications of P = (m * b * n * e) ^ c
[ mind (m), body (b), emotion (n), energy (e), clarity (c) ]

Good clarity on what you want but dimensions are in poor shape.
P = (0*0*0) ^ 0.5 = 0
Interpretation: While there’s a dream, the dimensions are not aligned to make any part of the dream a reality.

Same result (P=0) when maximum clarity (c=1), but rest of the dimensions are very poor (m=b=n=e=0).

Overall, average values in all dimensions (except a little less for emotion n) with excellent energy state. Excellent clarity.
P = (0.5* .5* 0.25*1) ^ 1 = 0.0625 = 6.25%
Interpretation: There’s some chance but it can be much, much improved by improving the energy state (this may take much spiritual work).

Some clarity on what you want but dimensions are in poor shape.
P = (m * b * n * e) ^ c
P = (0*0*0) ^ 0.5 = 0 (0%)
Interpretation: Dream will NOT come true until you get the four dimensions better aligned first.

All excellent dimensions values, excellent clarity.
P = (1*1*1)^1 = 1 (max)
Interpretation: All systems are Go! A perfect place to be in to make your dreams a reality.

All excellent dimensions values, good clarity (although not excellent).
P = (1*1*1)^0.5 = 1
Interpretation: The probability of the dream manifesting is excellent despite the fact the vision may not be 100% clear at this time. That means the chances are excellent that at least the part of the vision that is clear to you, will definitely come true.

Least clarity on what you want and all dimensions are in poorest shape.
P = (0*0*0)^0 = undefined (min) == no chance
Interpretation: Undefined in this formula should be interepreted as essentially “No chance”. There’s no vision, the dimensions are not aligned at all.

Least clarity on what you want but all dimensions are in excellent shape.
P = (1*1*1)^0 = 1
Interpretation: The likelihood is 100% of a vision becoming a reality. You are in optimal state to create a vision, but since you don’t have a vision (c=0), you won’t even realize it, but the full potential is there for you to envision…pick a dream!


So, one should be asking: How can I get my dimensions all aligned for maximum potential? There are many practices such as meditation, religion, yoga, western/eastern and many cultures have their own recommendations and practices. That topic is huge and is out of the scope of this blog and my expertise. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed my thought and solution process here.

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