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Timelapse animation in Excel

Not long ago I demonstrated how to create and share animated charts using Excel (search for “soccer” or “excel” in the search box of my site). Here, I present a cool 3D chart created in Excel with various dimensions including time and geo-location.

This animation is based on a dataset for power stations across different states and counties of the USA (includes some from outside of US as well) from 1900 to 2008.

The dataset is used to create a timeline animated chart in Excel using Geolocation (Bing services API).
The data contains the following fields:
State, County, Company, Plant Name, Capacity, Initial Date of Operation, Energy Description

(video above)

Each color on map represents each County by state and the height of the bars is the energy capacity of the status, while the uses the date when the station was first put into operation is used as the timeline.

Last time I checked the underlying dataset was available for download from site (among other sites).

UPDATE: As of late 2021, Microsoft has removed support for PowerView in Excel (that made this time-lapse animation possible) and instead is encouraging users to use PowerBI instead.


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