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Metaphysics, Harmony, Spirituality with Python

For many years, different sound frequencies have been believed and proven to have various effects on humans…in physical and mental aspects. From self-healing to spirituality; to vision and enlightenment, sound has been used (and continues to be) to aid meditation and therapy. Whether or not you believe in its benefits is beside the point of this blog. In this blog, I share some of the sounds with their purposes, and the complete code in Python to generate them and export them to audio files.

Below, I share the complete code in Python that creates sound of any frequency easily, and export them into WAV files. I’m also sharing some of the sound files that can be played on the page, or downloaded locally to your device to play later. To download: click on the vertical ellipsis menu of any of the mini-players on the page and click Download. Each file is a stereo, MP3 file, 3 seconds long at sample rate of 44100Hz. The Mix is made of the individual clips in arbitrary order and then joined as a single 10-second MP3 file with its tempo upped 3X without changing the original frequency of the chakra sound. Of course, you can set it on Repeat to play continuously in Windows Media Player (or another sound player).

As for the code, I was able to find some foundational code under MIT License (Copyright (c) [2018] [Alessandro Cudazzo, Francesco Capuzzolo]) which I modified a little to my specific needs and made some corrections. This Python script is designed to be executed as a command-line or typed in a Python shell. We pass parameters such as the desired frequency and duration. There are other optional parameters we can pass such to specify if we want the output as stereo, the name of the file, etc. The complete parameter-list is shown in the code.

Enjoy the following files generated by the program…

Third Eye Chakra – Harmony with Universe [Self-awakening]:

Energy, Safety & Survival:

Root Chakra – Release Guilt & Fear:

Sacral Chakra – Release Past Trauma & Negativity:

Throat Chakra – Solve Problems, Improve Emotional Stability:

Pain & Tension Removal [Relaxation]:

Crown Chakra – Oneness [awakening] with the universe]:

Heart Chakra – Heal Interpersonal Relationships:

Solar Plexus – Heal DNA, Clarity & Peace of Mind:

The Mix:

Full source code to generate an audio clip at any frequency:

source code

Hope this was an interesting read for you!

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