Art Break Life

Still stunning graphics and audio

Takes some getting used to the clunky interface and completely missing guide, but after some trials and research you can complete the game. The graphics and audio are still stunning albeit its age.

Below is just a glimpse (downscaled by Youtube…looks gorgeous on a large 4K screen). After clicking Play, be sure to change the Youtube settings (gear icon) to HD (not Auto) and rewind. Even then it’s not as good as what’s during my gameplay but closer.

About the software (not really a ‘game’ in a traditional sense): Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. #everybodysgonetotherapture

Here’s a couple more…enjoy!

The last phone booth up north (near the end of the main road by the railroad station).
The last radio transmission at the north tip of the map (near end of the main road).

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