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Recall- One of my earlier Windows 3.1 programs

Hello again! So, here’s another of my older software programs I wrote for fun, education. This one’s a “simple” Windows 3.1 program I wrote back in 1995 while learning Windows coding myself (school taught me C, Pascal, COBOL LOL!!). This is a type of a memory game.
You have to match at least 2 tiles (color and number), or they’ll simply disappear upon incorrect selection. Not easy to fill the entire grid, but simple to play and have fun still. Like those good old arcade game themes. I did’t put any time limit but there’s a number of tries limit.

Oh, did you notice my email there? Yeah, 🙂
How time changes everything…sometimes upside down!

This was coded in C/C++ using MFC framework. The sound, custom-tiles (all drawn by me LOL!) were just some of the reasons I wrote this program as a learning. The logic underneath of the game is a bit more involved.

Still runs like a champ on Windows 10 as-is because my code obviously used best-practices and with NO dependencies on 3rd party libraries (even Visual Basic apps would be broken now on Windows). It was all straight-up core APIs.

I think going over the concept and code would be a great educational material for STEM students or anyone wanting to learn programming.

If you’re interested in getting the .EXE or the source, you may contact me. Cheers!

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