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My Favorite Shape!

Howdy! Let me share with you a personal bit…my most favorite shape in the world (to-date, known to man so far) is Metamobius! Invented/discovered by Ted Gibbons of ON. There’s very little information on this on the Internet at the time of this accidental discovery, but I’m sure it’ll get more populated. Anyway, his algorithm is groundbreaking and proves several things. Not time to describe on this blog (maybe later) but you can look it up. For now, suffice it to say that this has amazing properties and he proved it with his algorithm and computer-generated graphics. There are various graphical manifestations of this algorithm, so I was curious if I could actually recreate in our physical world (you know, not everything that’s computer generated are necessarily do-able in our 3D world)…I grabbed some my old clay leftovers and created a very close proximation of the algorithm! It’s doable!! Not exact (because I can’t create a perfect sphere by hand floating in anti-gravity mode in my kitchen, come on!) but close!

Here’s my 1st prototype of my most favorite geometric shape known to man…Metamobius. Discovered/invented by Ted Gibbons from ON, Canada. And I plan to recreate with professional clay with more accuracy and finesse, and create more Metamobius shapes.

This is how my crude prototype looks today with old clay  There are more prototypes I’ve made/making that you can find here on my blog.


P.S. Thank you Mr. Gibbons for the inspiration! (I left you message, hope you see it)

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