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Some of my faves: Live-Streaming Underwater Cams

Here are some of my favorite live-streams of underwater cams. They range from sharks, to coral reef life, to manatees. Also, there’s a link for an hour-long meditation while watching the apex predator of the underwater. Enjoy!

Coral City Camera. Miami (FL, USA)
Live stream from an urban coral reef in FL. Great streaming and world-famous for tracking the lovable missing-tailed Doctorfish named Oval. Hard to see after 8PM EST as there’s no artificial lighting.

Johnstone Strait. British Columbia, Canada
Hear the haunting sound of whales anytime. See beach rubbing by the whales. Not very clear water, but can catch views of close-up whales.

AQUARIUM OF THE PACIFIC. Rainbow Harbor, Long Beach (CA, USA)
Excellent quality, teeming with many types of fish. This tropical reef exhibit is modeled after the coast of Palau.

AQUARIUM OF THE PACIFIC. Blue Cavern. Long Beach (CA, USA)
This 3-story exhibit recreates the underwater life off the coast of California’s Catalina Island.

Relaxing, cute and even funny. Watch the manatees really up-close!

Aquarium of the pacific. Shark Lagoon. Long Beach (CA, USA)
Whenever you need a Shark fix…

Monterey Bay Aquarium. Open Sea Exhibit (CA, USA)
One-million-gallon tank exhibit where you can see blue-fin tuna, hammerhead sharks, rays, and sea turtles and more. Dark blue waters. Camera automatically spans and zooms.

Aquarium of the pacific. Jellyfish Tank. Long Beach (CA, USA)
Mesmerizing live feed of colorful Jellyfish; bubble sound audio.

Recording: Watch the Great Whites in their natural environment in the crystal clear waters off the coast of Mexico’s Guadalupe Island. Meditation music while watching Great White Sharks on screen. Great for big screen/screen-saver. Length: 55 mins

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