Intro to my art-work

Hello, stranger! I’ve been doodling before I could write legibly. Completely self-taught, it was just a vent for my creativity. I’ve dabbled into sketching, painting, charcoal, photography, sculpting, ceramics, and of course…a man’s gotta build something with this hands! Meaning, building small furniture to fun constructions. I don’t have a dedicated site of my arts really, mainly because I never meant to sell anything. It was just for myself. Instead, I’ve piled them up (not all inclusive unfortunately) and uploaded to an album in Facebook. They’re here:

My Art-work Album

Hope you’ll enjoy. And feel free to comment on any particular style or work. The ones with acrylic on canvas are the latest work (the earliest ones are from when I was in Greece and are pencil on paper). Contact me for any desireed copy of the canvas arts (digital files).


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