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Impressive Voice->Text AI tool

I came across this newest entrant to voice to text AI generation tool called AudioNotes. It converts your ‘random’/unstructured voice notes and unstructured text notes into structured text summaries using AI. Essentially, it’s a note-taking app that analyzes the voice notes and can generate many variations depending on the need.

I decided to give it a go with a quick impromptu voice recording about how to make money creating websites for others. The voice input was done live via their website as a single-shot lasting only less than 2 minutes.

Once recording was done, I let it know what type of content to generate by AI (content/summary/transcript/etc.) and the style or the audience (e.g. LinkedIn post/Email/Blog/Tweet, etc.) I want. I asked it to write a blog style content.

Within 2 minutes, generated a quite impressive output text, neatly organized for a blog post saving me at least 20 minutes. Below is the actual output (blog content) it generated. You can sign up for the tool and learn about its subscription plans here. The free plan will give you 10 minutes of voice notes total and each voice input cannot be more than 5 minutes…so essentially 2 inputs @ 5 mins each or more inputs with shorter voice inputs.

AudioNotes output:

Blog Post 1: Generating Income by Creating Websites

In today’s digital age, having an online presence is crucial for any business. This has led to a surge in demand for website creation services, and many platforms have made it easier than ever before. If you’re considering generating income by building websites, this blog post will guide you on finding clients and implementing affordable advertising strategies.

Firstly, let’s talk about the importance of specialization. While there are countless businesses out there that need a website, they all require different features based on their industry needs. For instance, an e-commerce store might need integrated payment systems while a restaurant may want reservation functionality. By specializing in one or two industries at first, you can become proficient in understanding their specific requirements which makes your service more appealing.

Now comes the question – how do we find these clients? One effective method is through networking both online and offline. Attend local business events or webinars related to your chosen niche; connect with entrepreneurs on LinkedIn; participate actively in Facebook groups where small businesses seek advice etc., These efforts help build relationships that could potentially convert into clientele.

Moreover, don’t underestimate the power of content marketing as an affordable advertising strategy! Start a blog detailing your journey as a web designer – share tips & tricks learnt along the way; create case studies showcasing transformations achieved for previous clients etc., This not only establishes credibility but also aids SEO thereby attracting organic traffic to your site!

Blog Post 2: Affordable Advertising Strategies for Your Web Design Business

So now that we’ve addressed finding prospective clients let’s move onto budget-friendly promotional tactics! In addition to content marketing mentioned earlier here are few other methods:

Social Media Marketing: A strong social media presence can work wonders especially if targeting younger demographics who spend substantial time online. Platforms like Instagram allow visual showcase of your portfolio whereas Twitter enables quick updates about new offerings or client testimonials.

Referral Program: Encourage your existing clients to refer you by offering them incentives like discounts on future services or a commission for each successful referral. This creates a win-win scenario and helps expand your client base.

Email Marketing: Collect email addresses of potential clients (through website visitors, networking events etc.,) and send them regular newsletters updating about new blog posts, service offerings etc., Ensure these mails are personalized and add value to the recipient rather than being overtly promotional.

Paid Advertising: If you have some budget set aside for marketing consider using Google Ads or Facebook ads. These platforms offer targeted advertising enabling reach out to specific demographics based on location, interests etc., Start small; test different ad copies & images; monitor performance closely before scaling up investments.

Remember that consistency is key when it comes to any form of advertising. It might take time before results start showing but don’t get disheartened! Keep refining strategies based on feedback received and stay updated with latest trends in digital marketing space!

In conclusion, generating income through websites creation requires strategic planning both in terms of finding clients as well as affordable advertising. With patience, persistent efforts and continuous learning there’s no limit to what can be achieved!

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