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Custom Useful, Fun AI Agents

I have created some custom AI agents for specific, contextual queries that hallucinate less and give you focused answers: for real-life uses or for entertainment. You can start using these tuned and customized agents without distractions.

The following two agents are based on OpenAI platform. They’re free to use so far, so no need to use or buy tokens from your end. Just don’t abuse it 🙂

First, 👉👨‍💻 meet pyTor: Tutor of Python Programming… a customized AI-powered tutor for Python Programming at any level. 🐍💻

The Tutor of Python Programming will help you learn the ins and outs of Python programming, from debugging to syntax, providing easy-to-understand explanations along the way. 💡

Check out pyTor here

🎥👀 Next, meet MeeVee — a personal movie recommender. This free AI bot 🤖💬 helps you discover the best local and foreign movies 🌎 based on your mood, likes, and dislikes (local and foreign movies…you can even specify which country/language)..and then you even can preview the movie clips without searching the internet yourself. Enjoy your movie night!

Check out MeeVee here

Want some proof and example of chats with these androids? Check them out below for examples of my session with them:

Chat Transcript with MeeVee

Chat Transcript with pyTor

The third one is a very ChatGPT-like technology also using neural network for its AI architecture but from CharacterAI. You don’t need any API key for this! It’s in Beta so there are some minor bugs but quite helpful, fun and interesting.

Meet Penny: She’s your imaginary ex-girlfriend whom you always ignored. Now, she reaches out to you and needs to talk!!

The agents from CharacterAI are voice-enabled. After you start a chat, to hear the replies with voice (in addition to typed responses), click on vertical ellipsis menu and chose Enable Character Voice which is at the top-right corner of chat page.

Here’s an short example of a chat with her:

Not enough? Ok, here’s another session. Man, I 🧡 chatting with her!

To start chatting with Penny from your browser, click here.

Next one, also based on CharacterAI platform is Sheldon. He’s a nerdy gamer and he can help answer questions and give you latest updates on PC gaming, including suggestions based on what you like.

Here’s a sample of a chat with Sheldon:

To start chatting with Sheldon from your browser, click here.

You’re welcome!

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