Common birds of WA state

The birds most likely to capture our attention with their songs during early spring in the Pacific Northwest are not migratory visitors, nor exotic strangers, but good old perennial neighbors. – Seattle Times

On that theme, from our backyard to the parks, to the outskirts of our immediate cities, most of these birds are very active in Spring in our area. I love listening to them (some start singing as early as 4am in distance) and watching them with naked eyes. Some are seen in other seasons, and some across throught the year.

Birds covered in this blog are:

Goldfinch, American Robin, Junco, Chiackadee, Wren, Towhee, Tanager, Grosbeak, Warbler, Flicker, Sparrows,
Nuthatch, Thrush, Finch, Bushtit, Kinglet, Blackbird, Cedar Waxwing, Jays, Doves, Woodpeckers, Sapsuckers, Hawks,Falcons, Eagles, Gull, Albatross, Geese, Cowbird, Swans, Starling, Swallows
, Cranes, Dipper, Cuckoo

Remember, this is just a list of most common birds we see around here; for a comprehensive list of birds and species in WA state, see near the bottom of the article for the link.

Thanks to the many awesome resources available to glean so much rich information about them: I had to do only little research to find their songs/calls, images for each. I hope this will give you a little glimpse, an auditory as well as a visual ‘tour’ of the enviroment. Would love to see and learn about birds (or plants, etc.) from your areas too! Near the bottom of this post, you’ll find some apps to aid bird identification in your areas as well.

BONUS: Chart for all Western Sparrows near the bottom of the page. Enjoy!


Be patient during loading for the first time! We’re pulling in lots of images and audio from various sources.

You can scroll within inside each frame to learn more about the bird, or scroll down the document for different birds. Each bird’s information (image and sound) are inside their respective frames. The ones with * next to names are my favorite sound-wise, but I love them all.


Special thanks to: Seattle Audubon Society | Audubon Society: | The Cornell Lab | Slater Museum Seattle | | |

Goldfinch (State bird of Washington)

American Robin *

Junco (dark-eyed junco) *

Chiackadee (black-capped) *

Pacific Wren *

Bewick’s Wren *

Spotted Towhee *

Western Tanager *

Grosbeak *

Common yellowthroat (warbler) *

Northern Flicker *

Song Sparrow *

White-crowned Sparrow *

Red-breasted Nuthatch *

Varied Thrush *

Purple Finch *


Ruby-crowned Kinglet *

Red-winged Blackbird *

Cassin’s Finch *

Cedar Waxwing

Steller’s Jay

Blue Jay

Scrub Jay

Eurasian Collared-Dove *

Pileated Woodpecker *

Downy Woodpecker

Hawks *

Types: Types: Broad-winged, Cooper’s, Ferruginous, Red-shouldered, Red-tailed, Rough-legged, Sharp-shinned, Swainson’s, Zone-tailed, Northern Goshawk

Barred Owl *

Great Horned Owl *


Types: Bald, Golden Eagle


Goose *

Types: Canada, Emperor, Greater White-fronted, Ross’s, Snow, Taiga Bean-goose


Western Gull

Gull overview:

Gull better audio:


Types: Purple Martin, Bank, Barn, Cliff, Northern Rough-winged, Tree, Violet-green


Types: Red-breasted, Red-naped, Williamson’s, Yellow-bellied




Types: American Kestrel, Merlin, Gyrfalcon, Peregrine, Prairie Falcon



Types: Trumpeter, Tundra, Whooper Swan


Cowbird (Brown-headed)


Albatross *

Types: Laysan, Black-footed, Short-tailed, White-capped Albatross

Sandhill Crane *

American Dipper


Types: Black-billed, Yellow-billed Cuckoo



Some apps and other resources I use:

A chart of sparrows found accross western United States:

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