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Another fun game: Pick Out

Greetings. This month, I developed another game as a web application (HTML5) that employs auto-scaling, sound, and responsiveness on all platforms that support a browser. That means, PC, tablets, smartphones, etc. You can use touch or mouse as inputs.

It’s based on the simple and classic game concept where you get to pick an “odd one” from a set of otherwise identical images (numbers, letters, images are often used). It was also known as a “Spot the difference” games often used in newspapers back in the day!

A variation of it is posted on Facebook titled “Can you find the intruder” is quite popular on Facebook. However, they are simply screenshots, that is, a static image that is not interactive…besides, the solution once found is found just by solving it once or just by looking at the comments of the others on Facebook who have found the odd one. That brings the fun to an abrupt end for the rest. Additionally, there’s no time limit or scoring. Anyone can take “forever” to find it and there’s no accountability hence no joy in playing.

So, the game I developed which I call Pick Out™ addresses such deficiencies by incoporating time countdown (each level has an appropriate time limit), audible and visual feedback to user, scoring, and best of all, the “odd” one will always appear at unpredictable location…so every time you play, it’s going to be a new experience. Now it’s playable completely for free (no ads, no data collection, 100% free for all to enjoy) on any device. The best part is that I can easily create unlimited variations of these by adding new levels or changing the tiles to new images without much effort and zero-code change in most cases.

I highly recommend a larger screen since it can be quite hard to spot the difference at higher levels, but you certainly can play on small phone screens…be sure to play in Portrait mode (although I allow it to orient based on your smartphone orientation mode, it’s easier to play in portrait mode).

To play Pick Out™: Just open the following link on your device’s browser:

Here’s a snapshot of one of the levels:

Note that this is not for commerical purposes, so I used a free developer version to develop it, which comes with certain restrictions in features I can code and the amount of code it allows, therefore, I was forced to keep it within the limits and simplified it (from my original idea). However, I will explore a bit more on turning it into a game for Facebook, or Android Play Store, or iOS Apple Store platform in the future.

In the meantime, have fun with it…challenge your eyesight, and test your reflex!

You can check out my other fun, free games (also runs on all devices/browsers):

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Monsters vs Cannons(mainly a FPS where you shoot cannon balls to thrash as many monsters as quickly as possible; requires reasonable reflex). Best with Mouse for 360° rotation of the turret.

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