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Analytics From Text?

Yes. From simple text “dump” of data, we can do some amazing things. Well, that’s what they’re already doing…the data scientists and other variants. I only present a simple example of the possibilities here 🙂 First, you should read my post about XML here.

Then, I take that to another level here in this post. Using PowerBI platform, using the same old mundane favorite movies list, we can some amazing things! Beautiful. Here we go:

First, you’ll see this.

No 🙂 It’s very sophisticated actually.
On the left each column can be sorted independently. On the right, you can select from Ratings, Genre, and Language to narrow down. At the bottom right is the beautiful graph that shows the areas in proportions what you chose and want to choose! Can you implement this graph using your own C/C++ code? Comment please. Then go ahead and click on each rectangle…what does it do? Amazing ain’t it?

You can try out my full application here




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