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More Metamobius Prototypes

Welcome back. In a recent post, I talked about my most favorite geometric shape here.

Continuing with that “obsession”, here are a handful of more prototypes of Metamobius shapes. The algorithm generates different shapes…I don’t know the limit yet (can be in thousands as far as I can tell), but I’ve selected a few that just connect with me! (I’ve contacted the inventor to see if we can do this in Python so I can generate more variations). Meanwhile, I printed out the computer-generated graphics using the algorithm on paper…that is, in 2D and wanted to see if I can actually recreate them in physical world using clay in 3D that I can see from all directions. The answer is amazingly YES! They’re doable albeit VERY difficult with hand and no fancy suspension equipment to hold the shapes.

I used some old plasticine clay and prototyped them. Here are some camphone video clips of what I made so far…they are not to scale and not yet perfected…but I plan to recreate some more with real/professional clay with more accuracy and finesse.

Prototype of shape 2: 


Prototype of shape 3:


Prototype of shape 4:

>> prototype of shape 1 posted here)


P.S. NO! Don’t cheat with 3D printers! It’s not going to tickle your brain at all. Do it with hands or don’t [cheat] at all.

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