Nostalgia (80s-90s) – Pt 2

In this part, let’s explore (or recall if you like) some of the life-defining sounds of the games of the times. Here’s my short list (there are more, but that’s not the idea here…you can always go seek out more after this on your own) of the games and their sounds I gathered in my grab-bag. Mostly on Atari and some on Nintendo NES.

Click on the image to take you the audio/video as posted on YouTube. Give those guys a “thumbs-up” for their effort.

C:\Frogger  C:\Berzerk

C:\Donkey Kong  C:\Missile Command>

C:\PacMan C:\Asteroids

C:\Space Invaders>  C:\Duck Hunt


In my next blog, let’s explore some of the sounds of every life of a techie…Oooh, can’t wait!

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