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My shrimp pics (early stage)

Here are some pics of my first foray into shrimpkeeping, specifically neocaridina shrimp keeping. As a long time fishkeeper, I have tons of experience in freshwater tropical fish (and some brackish water fish), but I decided to convert my secondary 29 gallon tank from Cichlid tank into an experimental lab for neo shrimp.

At the time of the writing, it’s been about 2 months, and I have introduced more live plants suitable for the shrimp and their water parameters. Their chemistry is quite different from my other display tank of 55 gallon with Angelfish, Rainbow, Krib tanks which has been around for years and going strong. The Kribs had bred so much for 3 generations that I gave all but two away for free to good homes.

One thing that stands out is that these creatures are tiny and taking good pictures of them is a challenge without a good, professional grade close-up and larger depth macro lens. I just use my smartphone for these pics for now. I may upgrade to macro lens for my pro camera at some point, and take pics with the real camera instead. I’ll see. But for now, here are some early photos. Will update with new ones in future posts about how the plants are growing and as more shrimp are bred (there are already 10+ new shrimplets since I started). For other shrimp related posts from me you can just navigate to this url (which is like going to and searching for the word ‘shrimp’): (you’ll find the latest shrimp-related programs and blog posts by me from that page results).

From top row down (left to right): Bloody Mary, Goldenback, Bloody Mary + Goldenback + Blue Dream, Blue Dream, Goldenback + Blue Dream (and a Bloody Mary in the back), Goldenback, Blue Dream, Bloody Mary, Goldenback + Blue Dream, Blue Dream, Blue Dream, Hybrid (Goldenback x Blue Dream), Blue Dream, Blue Dream.

Here is a 12 second video clip of one of these invertebrates on how they constantly nibble on something.

And another one of them I uploaded to Youtube:

Shrimp having dinner

Yep, you guessed it, they are in the same 29 gallon tank as an experiment. I know their babies will probably not end up high-end breeds like their parents, but this is only an experiement for fun and not for breeding and selling. More pics and info to follow on these critters in the coming months.

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