Let’s talk movies!!

By now (after reading my intro and initial blogs) you surely recognize a few defects about me:

  1. I am atypical
  2. I am eclectic
  3. I’ve been around the world in many continents and cultures…and have really lived them.

Therefore, you expect my taste in movies to be quite unique as well. I generally dislike (I don’t like to use the word “hate” in anything) Hollywood movies. I like silly, stupid movies just as the next guy, but that’s more utilized for sheer relaxation and laughs when I need them. In general, anything thought-provoking, unpredictable, witty…you’ve got my attention. Yes, I will suffer through subtitles for hours, no problem. Being able to speak multiple languages doesn’t hurt either.

I’ve compiled a list of some movies over time although the list is not up-to-date and I’ve missed some that should’ve made the list. But I’ll share what I have today on my personal site. My geeky side forced me to not only just post a list, but also do some visual analytics with dynamic updates and some bells-and-whistles in filtering etc. So check it out here!

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