Beating Dr. T at his highest level

This is a game play recording of me beating Dr. T at his highest level 60 (available for my current level 56). The game is Boom Beach, and it’s the only phone game that I played this long, and have actually made in-game purchases for more than once…yet, it has no ads. The game is very refined, simple, yet strategic. Fun, and engaging, and has great game-play longevity in my opinion.

See the video below. Apology for the background noise, I had the mic enabled (default) on the phone and it didn’t do a great job on the overall audio in the game play. I reduced the overall sound in this video to reduce the irritation. However, you still may want to mute or turn it down lower.

Game platform: Android
Tool used on smartphone: XVideo
Tool used on PC: crazy video maker 2

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