Dashboard with PowerBI (intro 2)

Let’s explore some features of PowerBI and its impressive visual outputs. Not only can we generate reports that are visually appealing, meaningful, but they are dynamic, fully interactive, thereby fully engaging our audience.

Dataset details: The dataset is retrieved from Microsoft’s free repository of datasets (aka marketplace) that are real-world data but anonymized. This can be accessed via PowerBI service or PowerBI Desktop app.
Tables: Sales, District, Item, Store, Time
This demo uses the following fields (their names are preceded by its table names):
– Store:City [Contains city names and their states. Used in City list widget]
Store:PostalCode [Contains geospatial data>zipcodes. Used in Map widget]
Sales:This Year Sales Value, This Year Sales Goal. [Used in Gauge widgets]
– Store:This Year Sales Value, Territory [Contains geospatial data>State codes. Used in Histogram widget]
– District, Item, Time tables’ fields are as follows (although I don’t use them here):

Anatomy of the Report: At first it may just like any other “pretty” presentation with charts and all. Instead, this is a very powerful interactive Dashboard!

Here are the key “widgets” on the page that are selectable and/or dynamic (values update according to what user selects in any other widget(s) keeping everything in sync with live data.

The thermometer gauge is a cool one with many uses. Here I use it to show the Actual vs Goal levels that are readily understandable. The scale changes according to what City (or cities), Territory (or territories) are chosen. This is a custom gauge that can be integrated from PowerBI marketplace. The one above it is the built-in gauge control.

Then, I also added an interactive histogram. You can click on any bar (representing state), and immediately all the values in all controls will update including zooming into the location on the map.

Interaction at a glance:

The map control can be zoomed in/out by using your mouse wheel. You can also click on a single or multiple dots representing the cities where the stores are located, and voila…everything updates accordingly.

Now that you have an overview of what to expect, here is the final report location for you to play with…

Final Report: The interactive, live report is published here! 


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