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How to win against 2 Queens and Zero of your own! (Chess)

This is one of the funnest, most unusual games I’ve played on Chess Free app by AI Factory on my smartphone…the outcome was unexpected win by me being completely outscored.

I’ve been playing this on level 5 for a while and maybe because I’m not an expert, I find it quite impressive at this level.

This game-play video is made of my phone screen shots (after the game was over since I don’t normally save each game) by going previous steps from the end and taking screen shots, then putting them together in a video. So, some of the steps are paired in one screen, but as you pause/rewind, you’ll understand when and why.

The AI and I had killed each other’s Queens and lots of powerful pieces. The AI clearly had a big advantage and moving 2 Pawns to promoting them to Queens. Eventually, it succeeds to get 2 Queens! While I had none left.

I only had a Rook, Knight, and 2 Pawns; while the AI had 2 Queens + 1 Rook + 3 Pawns. Yet, I won by one devastating last move while its queens could only watch and were a move or so away from check-mating me! See how it unfolds in the video (pause/rewind as necessary to understand the moves)…enjoy.



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