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Early gambler’s prediction of Super Bowl winner for 2023 season

Here are the probabilities of each team winning the Super Bowl according to the betting odds from Caesars Sportsbook as of September 6, 2022: As you can see, the Buffalo Bills had the highest probability of winning the Super Bowl according to the betting odds, followed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers, who […]

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CPU-generated structural art – CONSTABUILD

This program I dub ‘Constabuild’ is a cross-platform Python app I wrote that generates ‘random’ shapes in ‘random’ colors, in ‘random’ starting positions, for ‘random’ repetition of the selelected shape and color…creating unique patterns/art every time it’s executed. While the app is 100% self-running, there are also some fun commands user can give at run-time […]

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