Art Break STEM

An experimental music production: Arrival

It’s been years since I played instruments, recorded, and wrote lyrics. Most of the gadgets and music instruments have been mostly gathering dust. This is mainly due to work and other responsibilities of life that sucks away the artistic motivation. Same situation with my sketches and paintings. I will however come back to them, it’s […]

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Art Break Life

Some of my faves: Live-Streaming Underwater Cams

Here are some of my favorite live-streams of underwater cams. They range from sharks, to coral reef life, to manatees. Also, there’s a link for an hour-long meditation while watching the apex predator of the underwater. Enjoy! Coral City Camera. Miami (FL, USA) Live stream from an urban coral reef in FL. Great streaming and […]

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Optical illusion (and proof that you were fooled)

Light and colors can really twist how we perceive things. Looking at the picture, most of us with normal vision will see the block#1 is darker than the block#2. However, they are actually the same exact shade of gray. The dividing horizontal shading and background colors just “incorrectly” accentuates one over the other. What happens […]

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Break Life

How to win against 2 Queens and Zero of your own! (Chess)

This is one of the funnest, most unusual games I’ve played on Chess Free app by AI Factory on my smartphone…the outcome was unexpected win by me being completely outscored. I’ve been playing this on level 5 for a while and maybe because I’m not an expert, I find it quite impressive at this level. […]

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